Slot gaming 101: Why does volatility matter?

If you enjoy playing slot games, you will notice certain terms used in the game that you need to get your head around. The word volatility is one of the most commonly used terms in slot gaming but not a lot of players know what it means despite it being a key to understanding how certain slot games pay out. 

Here at, we will show you what volatility is and why it should matter to you as you play your favourite slot games! Read all the details of volatility below and get the most out of your wager: 

Calculating risks in slot games: What is volatility?

Volatility in slot games generally refers to the risks associated with the title you have selected. It is a common slot game term used to describe how frequently a slot game rewards you with wins and how much payout it can give during playing sessions. 

It can clue you in on the behaviour and pay rates of a slot game, so it is important to keep tabs on the volatility of the game you are playing. Some games can give out plenty of wins over a short period of time but at a smaller value while some games can have a bit of a dry spell but occasionally reward huge wins. 

Some think it’s the same as the Return to Player percentage or RTP, which is the total money wagered in the game that would be returned back to the players over time but the two are completely different. What they have in common is that both terms can work together to give you an idea about the payout of the game. RTP percentage doesn’t affect the level of volatility. 

Levels of volatility

Most online gaming categorise volatility into 3 different levels: low, medium and high. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages with one outweighing the other depending on your preference as a player. 

To get deeper into volatility, here’s what each level means to your game: 

Low volatility 

Low volatility games usually have lower risks since you can expect frequent wins. However, most of these wins are low value. This makes low volatility games ideal for players who want to play it safe by lowering their risks with the possibility of a regular win. 

This kind of slot game is perfect for players who easily get bored when there is no action on the reels or if they keep missing wins. The frequency of small wins can keep you occupied throughout the game. 

Additionally, big wins are also possible with low volatility games. However, you shouldn’t expect it to be on the same scale as your high volatility slots. 

Medium volatility 

Just as its name suggests, medium volatility slots are games that tether between high and low volatility. You can expect it to be riskier than low volatility games but still be a safer bet than high volatility games. 

With that said, it has a fair stream of small wins that comes along with every spin while its jackpot wins present a more enticing value than low volatility games. The only problem with medium volatility games is that there are very few of them in the slot game market or at least fewer than the low and high volatility games. 

High volatility 

Opposite to low volatility games, high volatility slots are often associated with higher risks but with possible astronomical payouts. However, these wins are few and far between. You need to continue with your risks if you want to win the jackpot. 

This is the perfect level for players looking for thrilling gaming. It has enough risks to keep you on your feet plus the possibility of winning a jackpot will give you the blood pumping excitement you are looking for. 

It is recommended to play this game only if you have a huge balance to spend until you win your desired jackpot prize. Since the payouts are far between, you might not see a lot of action on the reels, but once it hits you, you’ll be jumping in delight with the prospect of a huge payout! 

How to find volatility

In most online games, the level of volatility is readily provided on the game information page. However, if you fail to find it or if you want to test if the volatility is truly up to your expectations, here are some of the things you can do to test volatility: 

Play in ‘fun’ mode

In, every slot game has a fun mode, which allows you to test the game out and get a feel of the title you have chosen using fake credits. By playing in a fun mode, you can see if the slot game pays out frequently without spending a dime. Once you are satisfied with the gameplay, you can switch to ‘real’ mode and take your risks for real money wins! 

Play the game for real

Nothing gets better than actually playing the game. Test the volatility of your slot by playing it in real-time. The advantages and disadvantages of the game are clearer once you play it with your money on the line. You can decide to quit or continue playing the game at any time!

Look for the paytable 

In, most games have their volatility levels displayed on their paytables. Be sure to check it out along with the reviews and possible amounts you could win in the game before you play so you know what to expect! 

What is the best volatility for you?

There is no ‘best’ volatility level. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to decide which one weighs more than the other. 

Whatever your preferences are, there is a volatility level that would suit your gameplay perfectly. Find the right games and make the most out of your wager when you play your favourite games with us right here at!

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