What you need to know about progressive betting systems

Taking risks and betting on chances are the best things about gambling since it gives you something to look forward to. With this, you improve your strategic mind and boost your ability to make decisions under pressure. However, it’s not all fun and games when it comes to making stakes.

There is also some risk involved since you are wagering real money onto the table. To combat this, many players came up with tactics to increase their chances of winning and decrease their overall losses. A great example of this is progressive betting systems. Uncover all the details about it here at Bitcasino Fun:

Brief background about betting systems

As its name suggests, betting systems are strategic methods related to gambling and handling your bankroll most efficiently to gain profit. Generally, it involves increasing or decreasing your bets depending on the outcome of the game. It’s often applied in different online games including baccarat, craps, blackjack and poker. This is also a tactic often practised in sports betting.

Why do people use betting systems?

As previously mentioned, most players opt to use betting systems since it’s a good way to get profit since it’s been used over the years. It’s a calculated method that avoids major losses while still putting your best foot forward. Although it does not assure a win, it helps you make better decisions when placing wagers without hurting your bankroll.

Two types of progressive betting systems

The two main types of progressive betting systems are positive betting and negative betting. Learn more about them below :

Positive progressive system

Most players opt for the positive progressive betting system since it’s known to be safer than its counterpart. This system involves raising bets depending on the result of your game. For example, if you win in your previous bet, you then increase your wager for the next round. However, if you lose in your former wager, you decrease the size of your stake for the next one. It’s a relatively less risky method of betting since you are not putting any large bets that you can’t potentially win back.

What’s the theory behind it?

The rationale behind positive systems is to give you a chance to increase your profits through a winning streak and lessen your total losses if you are on the losing end. However, applying this strategy does not ensure a win but it makes you more strategic when placing bets. 

What are examples of it?

Check the two main examples of positive progression that are often used by players below:

  • The Paroli Betting System

Known as one of the simplest systems, the Paroli Betting System starts with placing flat bets until you get your first win. Once you do, you will then double the size of your wager. Continue to increase your stakes if you are on a winning streak. However, if you lose, reset back the wager amount to its original value and repeat the same process.

  • One Half-up

Compared to the Paroli betting system, the One Half-up requires at least two winning hands consecutively before you raise your stakes. If you are on a winning streak, you will keep increasing your wager by one-half of the original bet. Since it has a simple tactic, this betting system is one of the most used strategies amongst other positive betting systems. 

Negative progressive system

Opposite to the positive progressive system, the negative progressive system involves increasing bets after a loss and decreasing bets after a win. In contrast to the former, the latter is known to be riskier.

What’s the theory behind it?

Theoretically, the negative progression believes in the notion that you will win the game eventually. Even after a series of losses while increasing your bets, you might get a bigger amount once you land on a win. Ideally, this strategy is made to help you earn a larger profit.

However, keep in mind that all online games have a house edge. Although you can potentially get a profit, there’s also a high probability that you might either lose a significant amount of it or all of the funds in your bankroll to the house.

What are examples of it?

Get to know more about how negative progression works by looking at the two specific betting systems under it:

  • The Martingale System

In the Martingale System, you start the game with a floor wager. After the first loss, you then double your bet size. Reset it back to its initial wager once you achieve a win. Since it has a simple method, most players prefer using this specific negative betting system.

  • The Fibonacci System

Unlike other betting systems, the Fibonacci System uses an integer sequence when placing bets. This is done by increasing the following wager to the total of the previous two wagers. Take note that the starting point of this tactic depends on the player’s choice.

Positive vs negative betting system: Which is better?

Choosing between the positive and negative betting systems depends solely on the player’s preferences. Although the positive progression is known to be less risky, it still doesn’t guarantee a win. The same is true for the negative progression since one cannot fully predict the outcome of a game. That’s why it’s better to choose a tactic that suits your gaming style. You can also consider applying both of these systems and see which one works best when you are playing.

Do progressive betting systems work?

Like all other strategies, there is no foolproof way to win any online game. However, you can increase your chances of gaining victory by applying certain techniques like progressive and negative betting systems. Either of these two can boost the likelihood of you winning but the final result will still depend on the flow of the match.

Play smart and enjoy betting at BitCasinoFun!

Apply the different progressive betting systems to your next game and reap all the benefits that come with it. Enjoy the match and give it your best shot. Know more about online games by visiting BitCasinoFun now.

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