Explore new worlds with the best slot themes!

If you are an avid player of online gaming, you will notice a variety of slot games available online. Selecting the best among thousands is simply impossible unless you take into account the number of wins, game providers, volatility, RTP and of course, the theme. 

Themes are the highlight of every slot game. It makes the game more interesting since it gives the game a story. Moreover, themes allow you to let your imagination run wild and face new adventures  on the reels while possibly earning hefty wins with every spin. 

If you want to know more about slot themes, you can check out the details about them as well as the most popular options below:

What are themed slots? 

All slot games have a theme although, most of the time, themed slot games deviate from your regular classic slot game. These themed slots can be based on lore, a movie, band, story or even a character that you would find on your mainstream entertainment channels. 

What’s amazing about these themed slots is the package they present for the players. With themes come certain symbols and bonuses that fit it and would be exciting for you as a player. 

Plus, it’s always nice to play games that fit your style or your preference. If you are looking for the best slot themes to try out in Bitcasino.io, we got a list ready for you. 

Enter into a new world and journey into the reels unknown as you wager your way to the biggest wins. Discover the most exciting themes you can play in the world of online gaming below: 

Popular slot game themes you should try!

Thanks to the online gaming revolution, you have plenty of choices when it comes to slot game themes. To make it easier for you to select your next adventure, we have compiled the most popular slot themes out there. Be sure to explore these themes and see what amazing journeys they have to offer: 

Oriental or Asian-themed slots

The vibrant colours of Asia along with its unique culture shine bright in Asian-themed slot games. These captivating titles take you to oriental palaces and shrines where maidens and mythical beings await to bless you with the luck you need to win your spins.

Most Asian-themed slot games take inspiration from the unique culture and folklore of Japan and China. Titles that explore South Asian countries are also available, although they are few and far between. 

In these slot games, you will encounter symbols of luck and fantastic creatures like dragons and pandas. To start your Asian-themed adventure on the reels, here are some of the games you can try: 

  • Lucky Lion (OneTouch)

The Lucky Lion game by OneTouch is inspired by the Lion festival or New Year celebration in China. In this slot, the magical Lion will bless your reels with luck as it grants you Free Spins and Wilds. Throughout the reels, you will find symbols depicting luck and prosperity.

  • Oiran Dream (Golden Hero)

Oiran Dream slot game explores the world of high-class courtesans in Japan. In the game, you will see a beautiful character laying on top of the reels who will move with every action you make on the reels and even respond once you click it. This game has a unique twist wherein the more payouts you get, the sexier the oiran would appear.  

Princess-themed slots 

No matter your age and gender, you can’t deny that playing princess-themed slot games has its merits that you simply can’t ignore. Aside from their captivatingly cute characters, they offer colourful rewards worthy of a royal. 

The bright look of the symbols, the reels and the characters would surely have you grinning from ear to ear as you play. Try these amazing princess-themed slot games below and have your magical adventure with the fairest ladies on the reels! 

  • Moon Princess (Play’n GO)

Moon Princess is a game inspired by the popular Sailor Moon series. In this slot game, you will chance upon magical princesses that wield the power of the universe in their wands. Spin the reels to land the Left Behind Wilds, Trinity and Free Spins bonuses. 

Not only are the royalties of Moon Princess slot gorgeous, but they are also generous when it comes to rewarding you with features that help you win big. Everything about this slot game screams anime and it is impossible to get enough of it. Plus,  the background music sounds like something you can vibe with!

  • Starlight Princess (Pragmatic)

Join the beautiful red-haired Starlight Princess and collect shiny multiplier symbols on the reels to win up to 500x your wager. Help her highness find her wand on the reels and trigger the Free Spins for more chances of winning hefty payouts. 

While playing the game, you will find the beautiful Starlight on the right side of the reels, floating around with her fluttering wings. Don’t make the cosmic royalty wait, spin the reels now and join Starlight Princess in her adventure!

Fairytale-themed slots

Are you a fan of fairy tales? Explore your favourite bedtime stories again on the reels while winning real money rewards. Take a look at some of the best fairytale themed slot games in Bitcasino.io below: 

  • Alice in Wildland (Microgaming) 

Based on Alice in Wonderland, this game features symbols based on the characters of the infamous fantasy book. Fall down the rabbit hole of Alice in Wildland and win awesome rewards with every spin. We’re all winners here!

  • Tarzan (Microgaming)

Microgaming’s Tarzan uses a 3D animation that features everyone’s favourite jungle man. Find the other characters of Tarzan on the reels and land special symbols to win Free Spins, Wilds and Bonus Wheel. Get the chance to win the jackpot and wager 

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