Defeating the odds: When to split cards in blackjack Given that blackjack has straightforward rules that novice players can take advantage of, the card game seems like it doesn’t need strategies. Your objective is to beat the dealer by having a hand value closest to 21, so why bother using tactics in the first place? However, this is not entirely true.  What makes blackjack interesting is that despite its easy gameplay, there are lots of strategies you can use to have the upper hand and this includes splitting cards in blackjack. Although the strategy looks simple at first glance, you have to know when toSee More

Taking home the pot: What makes a winning poker hand? There’s a reason why poker still dominates the gambling scene, whether in online platforms or brick-and-mortar online gaming. You get to play with other people and join tournaments which makes it the perfect social activity for gamblers across the world. Although poker is still considered a game of luck, the entire gameplay is designed to focus more on one’s skills. That’s why the game has a poker-hand ranking system commonly used in popular poker variants like Omaha and Texas Holdem. If you’re serious about winning, you have to be familiar with each one of them.See More

Slot gaming 101: Why does volatility matter? If you enjoy playing slot games, you will notice certain terms used in the game that you need to get your head around. The word volatility is one of the most commonly used terms in slot gaming but not a lot of players know what it means despite it being a key to understanding how certain slot games pay out.  Here at, we will show you what volatility is and why it should matter to you as you play your favourite slot games! Read all the details of volatility below and get the most out of yourSee More

Explore new worlds with the best slot themes! If you are an avid player of online gaming, you will notice a variety of slot games available online. Selecting the best among thousands is simply impossible unless you take into account the number of wins, game providers, volatility, RTP and of course, the theme.  Themes are the highlight of every slot game. It makes the game more interesting since it gives the game a story. Moreover, themes allow you to let your imagination run wild and face new adventures  on the reels while possibly earning hefty wins with every spin.  If you want to know moreSee More

Top live dealer games you should try out! Playing at online game is one of the most preferred ways to gamble. And because of continuous development throughout the years, you can now also expect live online games with actual dealers aside from the usual titles you can find. Live online games have also gained a lot of attention throughout the years because of the many advantages they provide such as betting without hassle, choosing from a wide variety of games and meeting new people online all in the comfort of your own home. So if that excites you, wait till you know all the greatSee More

Tips on winning progressive jackpots Slots provide opportunities for players to win massive prizes. That’s why a lot of game developers make sure that their games are equipped with promising payouts to attract enthusiasts. One way they do this is through progressive jackpots.  If you think regular titles are already exciting, then this type of slot takes the thrill to the next level because it just keeps increasing the amount you can win as long as you play.  Are you feeling lucky? Win massive wins and discover these tips and tricks on how to win the progressive jackpot slots! What is a progressive jackpot? BeforeSee More

3 best live online game providers to look out for this 2022 Live online games are continuously increasing in popularity, thanks to the advances in the internet and the advent of various streaming and gaming software. Today, you will learn about the top 4 live online game developers that made some of the best live online games this 2022.  Before delving straight into the best live online game provider, learn about the technologies used in live online games first. This way, you will have an idea of how the live online games are created and operated. Live online games use a wide range of technologySee More

Best online skill games at Bitcasino In terms of popularity, online skill games are ranked on top because of the unique features that make them stand out from the rest. It includes various themes and categories ranging from instant win lottery to arcade games. Each one has its own set of rules and prizes in store for all the players. Interested in giving them a try? Discover all the best online skill games here at Bitcasino! Different online skill games you can find at Bitcasino Challenge yourself by trying different online skill games that you can play at Bitcasino. Know more about them here: HammerSee More

Blackjack strategy charts to help you reach 21 Without a doubt, blackjack is one of the most popular and iconic online games of all time. It has been around since the 1700s and has since survived to become a crowd favourite among other games like roulette, baccarat and slots.  It’s also no secret that players all over the world want to unlock the secrets of blackjack and potentially increase their chances of winning. This is where blackjack strategy charts come into the picture. See the sections below to get an idea of how to play and use the strategy charts to your advantage.  What isSee More

What you need to know about progressive betting systems Taking risks and betting on chances are the best things about gambling since it gives you something to look forward to. With this, you improve your strategic mind and boost your ability to make decisions under pressure. However, it’s not all fun and games when it comes to making stakes. There is also some risk involved since you are wagering real money onto the table. To combat this, many players came up with tactics to increase their chances of winning and decrease their overall losses. A great example of this is progressive betting systems. Uncover allSee More